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Diverse Industrial Applications of Hydraulic Cylinders

applications of hydraulic cylinders

Machineries are the bigger level engineering marvel that plays a vital role in performing various operations to reduce manual workers’ workload and accidental risks. It also serves multiple purposes of simplifying the work by completing it within the expected delivery time. 

A machine can be classified into various types depending on the kind of work. For lifting heavier objects and performing bigger operations, hydraulics are needed, which will simplify the work and thus make the work efficient. They are used widely in cylinders for lifting heavier objects, especially in construction and heavier machinery.

If you are curious about the working of heavier machinery and what is the science behind these operations, you are in the right place to know. This will explain the science of working and where these are applied.

Introduction Of Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are widely seen in construction machinery and heavier equipment. Their primary purpose is to simplify the heavier work faster and more efficiently.

The principle of a Hydraulic cylinder is based on Pascal’s Law, in which the pressure is exerted equally when the force is applied to it. In these Hydraulic cylinders, oil is used, and the pressure is exerted easily so that the piston inside the cylinder will move with the help of the oil pressure so that they will move quickly. The heavier operations will be efficiently done. 

Top Industrial Uses of Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are seen everywhere. They are becoming essential to heavier machinery used in various industries to work efficiently. Based on those criteria, the Hydraulic cylinders are used in different industries and here are they

  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Agriculture and Farming Equipment
  • Waste Management and Recycling
  • Food Processing and Packaging
  • Mining and Material Handling
  • Metal Fabrication and Production
  • Marine Applications and Shipbuilding 
  • Energy Sector and Hydroelectric Systems 

Construction and Infrastructure

Hydraulic Cylinders are widely used in construction and infrastructure, as this involves heavier operations such as constructing taller buildings, massive flyovers and bridges, drilling holes for underground metro, etc. 

construction hydraulic elements
construction hydraulic elements

These hydraulic cylinders can be seen primarily on hydraulic excavators and bulldozers, which are used in picking up the gravel, stones, and concrete pumps that help transfer the concrete to higher floors. They were also used to help carry heavier loads by using cranes.

Agriculture and Farming Equipment

Using Hydraulic cylinders in Agricultural and Farming Equipment is more beneficial to make agricultural work easier, and thus, it will reduce the burden of manual labourers.

agricultural and farming hydraulics
agricultural and farming hydraulics

In the Agricultural and farming sectors, hydraulic cylinders are useful in tractors for cultivating the crops and ploughing easier, and crop harvesters are used to cut down the crops mainly for harvesting season. They are also used in hydraulic wood splitters, which are used to cut down the wood into pieces. 

Waste Management and Recycling

Waste Management is one of the riskiest tasks when they are manual. So, modern technology should be necessary to cut down on labour work and do it automatically. 

In this way, these hydraulic cylinders are widely used in garbage truck compactors, which will help collect trash boxes into the trucks and reduce human risks. Also, they are used as street sweepers, which will help sweep the streets quickly and efficiently.

Food Processing and Packaging

The Food Industry involves Processing and Packaging, which are critical roles for easier marketing and also selling in higher numbers. Conveyor systems are the easiest way of processing so that the products can be sealed in uniform numbers. 

The hydraulics used in packaging machines will be helpful in easily packaging the products within a shorter time, and more products will be produced. The use of hydraulics in the food industry is more beneficial for increasing food products within a short span.

Mining and Material Handling

The mining process is heavier and risky as it involves breaking down the earth’s crust to extract the minerals and considering various mining equipment such as stacker reclaimers. 

The primary mining machine, which is more prominent in size, also digs the ground for massive extraction. 

Also, drilling equipment is required to make the holes for extraction, so hydraulic cylinders present in this equipment are beneficial in the mining processes to make it easier with more minerals extracted. 

Metal Fabrication and Production

Metal fabrication is an emerging process for manufacturing in small-scale to large-scale industries, as metal is used everywhere in day-to-day life. 

Hydraulic pressing is essential for bringing the metals into a more effortless and proper shape. 

Also, bending machines bring sheet metal into required forms, which are used in various criteria. So, using hydraulic cylinders is beneficial in bringing the raw metals into a finished shape.

Marine Applications and Shipbuilding

Marine purposes are heavier and risk-involved processes, as they are undergone in the middle of the ocean. Exporting the products is involved in the sea routes, so the containers must be lifted from the ships to the yards and vice versa.

marine hydraulic applications
marine hydraulic applications

Considering these criteria, the Ship loaders, which are larger machines, are equipped with hydraulic cylinders for more accessible and efficient operations so that bulk materials, such as coals, minerals, etc., can be easily transported in bulk orders. Also, the hydraulic cylinders are useful in steering mechanisms for the boats and ships, making taking turns easier.

Energy Sector and Hydroelectric Systems

The Energy Sector and Hydroelectric systems are equipped with heavier materials and provide limited energy, as the excess energy forms will become a heavier disaster. 

Considering these, Using Hydraulic Cylinders is a better solution, especially for gate controls in hydroelectric systems such as dams and reservoirs. 

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Cylinder for Your Industry

There are various hydraulic cylinders present with different sizes and different capacities. 

Choosing the right cylinder depends on the type of industry and the work’s core requirements. 

Longevity and the performance of the cylinders matter.

Here are the essential criteria for choosing the right hydraulic cylinder for various purposes.

The cylinder types, such as single-acting, double-acting, and telescopic cylinders, will be helpful in various aspects as they have different designs. You can choose the suitable cylinders based on the work and actions to be exerted.

The size of the Cylinders matters. Choosing the right size of the cylinders will be more practical based on the work you want to do. For example, for construction purposes, it is better to use larger cylinders to perform heavier duties. On the other hand, if you are looking for agricultural purposes, it is better to go for medium-sized cylinders. 

Another important criterion of hydraulic cylinders is checking whether they are sealed. It will be better to check for sealants compatible with the oil or liquid inside the cylinder, which will not leak and also be helpful for efficient operations.

Maintenance and Repair of Hydraulic Cylinders

To operate the hydraulic cylinders efficiently without any problems, performing periodic maintenance of the cylinders is better. Hence, maintaining the cylinders will make them more durable and perform better efficiently. Here are a few tips to maintain the cylinders.

  • Ensure that the hydraulic oil is clean without any dirt particles.
  • Do the periodic maintenance twice a month
  • Interchange the cylinders of the machines after completion of the works for more efficiency
  • Ensure the condition of the accessories of the cylinders, joints and the liquid inside the cylinder.

Future Trends in Hydraulic Cylinder Technology

Hydraulics systems have a bigger scope in larger industries such as mechatronics, robotics, etc. They are also integrating with AI, so the software will initiate the hydraulic cylinder with various operations if the software gives the commands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the signs of hydraulic cylinder failure?
    • Unusual Grinding Noises in the cylinder during operating
    • Excess heat than usual
    • Slower movement of the cylinder when working
    • Getting stuck in the middle
  • How often should hydraulic cylinders be maintained?

Even Though the accessories of the cylinders are maintained annually, it is necessary to check the core part of the cylinders regularly to ensure safety and efficient performance so that the work will be done quickly without any problems, which would lead to huge trouble.

  • Can hydraulic cylinders be customized for specific industrial needs?

The answer is Yes. The Hydraulic cylinders can be customized according to the specific industrial purposes, which will meet the industrial needs and standards.

End Thoughts

Hydraulic cylinders, used to perform heavier operations in a simple and risk-free way, are emerging in the current trend. The movement of hydraulic cylinders will be eternal, and the upgrading process will be there without replacing these cylinders. 

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Our products are helpful in various applications, from agriculture to heavy machinery, and also extending ourselves by exporting our products worldwide. This is why we are the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in India.

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