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Custom Cylinders

SEA HydroSystems doesn’t just stop at offering exceptional Tie Rod cylinders; we take our commitment to hydraulic solutions a step further. Our extensive range of cylinder types caters to a diverse array of applications and industries. From Piggyback cylinders to Integrated Valve cylinders, Dump-Hoist cylinders, and Telescopic cylinders, we’ve got your hydraulic needs covered. If you have a unique concept or a specific requirement in mind, our experts at SEA HydroSystems are ready to design a custom solution just for you.

Diverse Cylinder Types

Our dedication to providing hydraulic solutions is evident in the wide variety of cylinder types we offer:

Piggyback Cylinders:

These innovative cylinders are designed to optimize space and performance. With a compact design that combines multiple cylinders in one, they are ideal for applications with limited space.

Integrated Valve Cylinders:

Our integrated valve cylinders simplify hydraulic systems by incorporating valves within the cylinder design. This integration enhances efficiency and reduces complexity in your hydraulic setup.

Dump-Hoist Cylinders:

When it comes to lifting and dumping heavy loads, our Dump-Hoist cylinders are the answer. These cylinders are engineered to handle the challenging demands of dump trucks and similar equipment.

Telescopic Cylinders:

Telescopic cylinders are all about versatility. They offer adjustable length options, making them perfect for applications where varying stroke lengths are required.

SEA Hydrosystems:

Explore the World of Hydraulic Cylinders at SEA HydroSystems

Customized Solutions

At SEA HydroSystems, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a wealth of choices in our cylinder catalog, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your hydraulic needs. If you require something even more specific, our team of experts is at your service. We have the capability to design and manufacture custom hydraulic cylinders that align precisely with your unique requirements.
SEA HydroSystems is your one-stop destination for high-quality, customized hydraulic cylinders. Our diverse range of cylinder types, including innovative options like Piggyback cylinders and Integrated Valve cylinders, offers solutions for a broad spectrum of applications. With Dump-Hoist and Telescopic cylinders in our arsenal, we cater to specialized demands as well.
Our commitment to customization means that we can further tailor our offerings to match your specific needs. Whether you choose from our extensive catalog or require a unique design, SEA HydroSystems is your trusted partner for hydraulic solutions that meet and exceed industry standards.