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Welded Cylinders

At SEA HydroSystems, we take immense pride in crafting some of the world’s finest welded cylinders. These cylinders represent the culmination of our unwavering commitment to innovation, exceptional quality, and a genuine passion for delivering top-tier solutions. They have become trusted components in a variety of applications, including agricultural equipment, trailers, compact construction machinery, and recycling equipment.

Innovation and Quality

What sets SEA HydroSystems apart is our relentless pursuit of innovation and a deep dedication to quality. Each welded cylinder is meticulously engineered using cutting-edge technology. We believe in continuously pushing the boundaries to create cylinders that not only meet industry standards but surpass them. Our culture of innovation ensures that we are always evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Dimension Table for Welded Cylinder


















1.5” ø 0.875” Ø1.875” 241 Ø19.3 Ø45 Ø46 38 63.5 69.5 3/4"- 16UNF 23.5 52 38 20 47 9/16- 18UNF
2” Ø1.125” Ø2.375” 311 Ø25.5 Ø54 Ø50.8 50.8 84.5 95.7 1.0"- 12 UNF 29 66.7 54 29 62.4 3/4"- 16UNF
2.5” Ø1.5” Ø2.875” 311 Ø25.5 Ø54 Ø50.8 50.8 84.5 95.9 1.1/8"- 12 UNF 29 66.7 54 29 62.4 3/4"- 16UNF
3.0” Ø1.5” Ø3.375” 311 Ø25.5 Ø54 Ø50.8 50.8 84.5 89.5 1.1/8"- 12 UNF 29 66.7 47.6 29 66.6 3/4"- 16UNF
3.5” Ø1.75” Ø3.875” 311 Ø25.5 Ø64 Ø50.8 55 84 88 1.3/8"- 12 UNF 29 72 47.6 29 66.6 3/4"- 16UNF
4.0” Ø2.0” Ø4.5” 311 Ø25.5 Ø64 Ø63.5 55 84 89 1.3/8"- 12 UNF 29 72 44.5 29 66.6 3/4"- 16UNF

Optional Features for Welded Cylinders:

Nickel & Chrome Plating for Increased Corrosion Resistance:

Enhance the longevity of your welded cylinders with optional nickel and chrome plating. This additional layer provides superior corrosion resistance, ensuring your cylinders can withstand challenging environmental conditions.

Induction Hardened Rod:

Choose the induction hardened rod option for added durability. This feature strengthens the rod, making it more resistant to wear and tear, ultimately extending the lifespan of your cylinders.

Special Port Options to Customer Requirements:

We understand that each application has unique demands. Our welded cylinders can be customized with special port options tailored to your specific needs. This flexibility ensures a seamless integration into your equipment.

Covered Spherical Bearings:

Opt for covered spherical bearings to enhance the performance of your cylinders. These bearings provide smoother movement and reduced friction, contributing to the efficiency of your machinery.

Built-In Valves:

Streamline your hydraulic system by choosing welded cylinders with built-in valves. This integrated feature simplifies your hydraulic setup, saving you time and effort in installation and maintenance.

Adjustable End Cushioning:

For precise control and smoother operation, consider welded cylinders with adjustable end cushioning. This feature allows you to fine-tune the cushioning effect, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your equipment.

Piston Poppet Valve:

Opt for welded cylinders with piston poppet valves for enhanced control over fluid flow. This valve type provides greater flexibility in managing hydraulic pressure and direction, making it a valuable addition to your cylinders.


Our welded cylinders have found homes in diverse applications, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the performance and efficiency of various equipment. Let’s explore some key sectors where our welded cylinders shine:

Agricultural Equipment

Agriculture forms the backbone of our world. Our welded cylinders are essential in agricultural machinery, contributing to crucial tasks such as lifting and tilting in tractors and plows. These cylinders ensure precision and reliability, ultimately boosting productivity in the field.


Trailers are relied upon for transportation across various industries. Our welded cylinders are integral to trailer design, facilitating smooth operation when lifting, lowering, or tilting the trailer bed. This ensures safe and efficient loading and unloading processes.

Compact Construction Machinery

In the construction industry, space is often limited, and precision is paramount. Our welded cylinders are used in compact construction equipment, such as excavators and skid-steer loaders. They provide the force and control needed for tasks like digging, lifting, and moving heavy materials.

Recycling Equipment

Recycling plays a critical role in waste management and environmental sustainability. Our welded cylinders find their place in recycling equipment, ensuring that operations like compacting and baling are carried out efficiently. This contributes to reducing waste volume and promoting eco-friendliness.

Reliability and Trust

The true measure of SEA HydroSystems’ excellence is the trust we’ve earned from our customers. Our welded cylinders are trusted components in diverse industries, chosen for their reliability and outstanding performance. We understand the paramount importance of efficiency and dependability in these sectors, and our cylinders are meticulously engineered to not just meet but exceed these expectations.

SEA Hydrosystems:

Exceptional Welded Cylinders

SEA HydroSystems’ welded cylinders are a product of unyielding dedication to quality, a relentless pursuit of innovation, and a deep-seated passion for delivering top-tier solutions. Whether in the heart of agricultural fields, on the road with trailers, at bustling construction sites, or in recycling facilities, our welded cylinders are the driving force behind efficiency and reliability. With an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, SEA HydroSystems remains a leader in the industry, dedicated to meeting the ever-evolving needs of our valued customers.