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Telescopic Cylinders

At SEA Hydrosystems, our paramount mission is to meet the global demand for superior telescopic hydraulic cylinders, crafted with uncompromising quality and top-grade materials. We take immense pride in our manufacturing process, utilizing high-quality metals to ensure resilience against substantial workloads and resistance to physical damage.
Each component of our telescopic hydraulic cylinders undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, guaranteeing the ability to withstand maximum load pressure. High-quality cast iron and steel are employed, providing versatility in size and shape to meet diverse customer needs.
SEA Hydrosystems stands as the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of telescopic hydraulic cylinders, offering a range that includes Single Acting and Double Acting varieties. Our manufacturing complies with international standards, factoring in work pressure, temperature, speed, working medium, and application. Our catalog showcases a variety of seals designed to match specific requirements, employing preventive measures such as compact piston seals to prevent leakage under heavy load pressures.

SEA Hydrosystems:

Commitment to Precision in Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

As specialists in hydraulic cylinder design in India, we extend our expertise to include PTFE and piston cups, providing customized seals tailored to individual buyer needs. SEA Hydrosystems is the go-to single-acting hydraulic cylinder supplier, offering products crafted with unwavering dedication and top-grade features to meet the highest quality standards.
Our telescopic hydraulic cylinders find applications across industries such as railways, steel and power, automotive, and earth-moving. Before reaching our buyers, each product undergoes thorough testing and certification, ensuring zero defects in the items we deliver.
Our offerings includes:
Featuring a micro finish of better than 0.02ra in H8 tolerance, our telescopic cylinders boast seamless steel honed barrels for extended piston durability. Materials include ST52.3, EN8, or as per buyer requirements. Our pistons, rods, and glands are crafted with precision, employing high-strength steel or cast iron to enhance reliability.
SEA Hydrosystems redefines excellence in telescopic hydraulic cylinders, combining precision engineering, exclusive variety, and stringent quality control to deliver unparalleled performance across diverse applications.