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Power Unit

A Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is a mechanical system that generates and transmits hydraulic energy to perform various tasks. It typically consists of a hydraulic pump, reservoir, valves, filters, and other components necessary for generating, controlling, and distributing hydraulic power. Hydraulic power units are commonly used in various industrial applications where high force, precise control, and efficient power transmission are required. They can be found in hydraulic presses, lifts, construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, and more. Overall, hydraulic power units provide a reliable and efficient means of powering hydraulic systems, enabling the operation of heavy machinery and equipment across a wide range of industries.


A Hydraulic DC (Direct Current) Power Unit is a specialized type of hydraulic power unit that incorporates a DC motor as the prime mover instead of an AC motor. These units are commonly used in applications where mobility, flexibility, or compatibility with DC power sources are required.

Here are some applications of Hydraulic DC Power Units:

Mobile Equipment:

Hydraulic DC power units are often used in mobile hydraulic systems found in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, forestry equipment, and material handling vehicles like forklifts. The DC power source allows these units to be easily integrated into vehicles equipped with DC electrical systems.

Marine Applications:

Hydraulic DC power units are utilized in various marine applications such as boat lifts, anchor winches, steering systems, and davits. The compatibility with DC power sources makes them suitable for use on boats and other marine vessels.

Remote Locations:

In remote or off-grid locations where AC power is unavailable or impractical, hydraulic DC power units can be powered by batteries, solar panels, or other DC power sources. This makes them ideal for applications such as remote monitoring stations, off-grid cabins, and telecommunications equipment.

Renewable Energy Systems:

Hydraulic DC power units can be integrated into renewable energy systems such as solar-powered hydraulic pumps or wind turbine hydraulic systems. The DC motor allows for efficient conversion of energy from renewable sources into hydraulic power for various applications like water pumping or energy storage.

Custom Machinery:

Hydraulic DC power units are often used in custom machinery and systems where specific performance requirements or space limitations exist. Their compact size, flexibility, and compatibility with DC power sources make them suitable for integration into custom-built equipment.

Overall, Hydraulic DC Power Units find applications in a wide range of industries and scenarios where the versatility, mobility, and compatibility with DC power sources are advantageous. They provide reliable hydraulic power for various tasks, from lifting heavy loads to powering machinery in remote locations.