25-year old best college football jerseys Australian guy Will loves rugby hot passion, but his teammates did not dream that Wudasancu 'he' was actually an angel face and a devil's 'crush.' Originally, Weir two years ago accepted the degeneration treatment from a sexy beauty suddenly turned into a muscular hunk. Today, Will hopes to join the Australian professional football team, football in the history of Australia's and the world's first transsexual player!

According to reports, 25-year-old Will is a graphic designer in Australia. Will this be the birth of a beautiful girl, but 7-year-old school from the time she wanted youth college football jerseys to be a boy, always dressed like boys, and the same desire to be like the boys play football on the grass. Two years ago, 23-year-old Will decided to accept the degeneration treatment from a sexy beauty suddenly turned into a handsome guy.

It is reported that in the past two years, Will regularly taking male hormones to make them become muffled voice and promote hair growth. While under the influence of male hormones, Will has gradually turned into a muscular hunk. November 2008, after assessment of gender dysphoria clinic at Monash University Medical Center, Will formally accepted the bilateral mastectomy, and now 'he' is prepared to do to save money hysterectomy. According to local law, once the female genitals are cut, Will be able to formally become legally male gender.

since Will degeneration, 'he' was finally able to realize the dream of playing football every weekend, 'he' and his teammates have to fight a fierce football game. game used college football jerseys Will teammates but never dreamed that it was actually Wudasancu Will have a pretty face and devil woman.

reported, Will's dream to play football to get support from family and girlfriend, even the legendary Australian rugby star Nathan Buckley has become one of 'his' supporters. It is reported that, in reading Will Buckley's autobiography, 'I can do everything' after, he wrote to his desire to want to play football, and made himself into a man's efforts. Will Buckley was deeply moved by the letter, he said:. 'I think Will is very brave, I told Will, do not be afraid to show really my style, boldly do yourself.'

Surprisingly, under the incentive star, and now Will men want to join the Australian professional rugby team, becoming a professional player! Not long ago, Will the 'Australian Football League' (AFL) apply repeatedly and Victorian Football League (VCFL) officials meet to showcase other skills, ask if you are eligible for a club to play customized football jerseys for them .

during a meeting in May, when the Chairman of the VCFL's Glenn Scott saw Will play special performances, immediately 'his' superb skills stunned. Special Scott said Will fully qualified to enter any professional club football team, but the legal point of view, first of all, 'he' must be born male gender to prove on the job. It is reported that, once Will was officially hired football club, 'he' will become Australia's history and the world's first football team to play in the men transsexual players. Although, according to AFL rules, more than 14-year-old girl and boys will not be allowed to play football together, but the chairman of the Scott VCFL said the provisions of the Will apparently does not cause any trouble, vintage college football jerseys he said: 'Because next year Granville Seoul from the perspective of law and medicine have become a man, and 'his' rugby skills impressed us, all of Australia's rugby team will welcome Will to join. '

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