Gareth Thomas and myself played 16 years Infernal Affairs.

He is legendary rugby in 2005, led the Welsh team to get the first Grand Slam since 1978, he served as captain of the national team and the club over 100 games, he was the court's most aggressive running back, almost The upper front teeth replaced again is proof.

But every morning, he must go through a nightmare: 'a wake up I started thinking, 'everything will be OK.' But I still can not let anyone see my face, I was afraid they see, they know all the. 'From the age of 16 found that he was gay since Thomas started the painful double life, in order to continue his football career, he pretended to worship him in the bar and flirting girl pretending to talk about families in the program high male-female relationships, In 2002 he even married.

'I thought I could have been suppressing it, lock it in a dark corner of the heart, but I can not.'

2009 In December 2009, Thomas told the British 'Daily Mail' interview, the official disclosed the fact that he is gay, he is also the first British rugby circles openly gay athletes, the news shocked the whole of the UK, soon after he Crusaders move to a team in Wales.

Six months later, a new life Thomas how? Recently, Thomas accepted the British 'Guardian' interview.

2006, Thomas told his teammates the truth

'to have been here six weeks, and very interesting. so many years, whenever someone looked at me, I would think, 'I guess they would be gay?' Now everyone knows.' the 35-year-old Zhuang men exposed relaxed smile. He will never forget the first time in life easily laugh out of that day --- November 4, 2006. 'I guess they gay?' This allows Thomas to ask yourself the question for nearly 20 years, he represented Wales team on the day after the Cardiff Millennium Stadium after his game, finally let him collapsed. Coach walked into the locker room and saw Thomas alone in tears, asked: '? How do you'

'My wife Gemma broke up.'

'how is it?' froze for a moment, coach Thomas brought to the medical room, locked the door and listening to him all finished on homosexuality and personalized college football jerseys said: 'Well, I'm going to tell three or four players, you need someone to support , a person you can not cope. '

'Later, several teammates came in, patted me on the back and said they do not mind my two best mates are blinking eyelids say, they never think about anything, and they will not, but also asked me why did not you say so. '

deliberately avoided his teammates do not like 'gay' customized college football jerseys

feels like back under the sun, Thomas was starting to enjoy life.

Thomas cheap college football jerseys did not dare tell the secret before

, the most important reason is that I heard that he was worried about the gay teammate, Thomas would be afraid of a man on the side of a 'unnatural', but in the new team, the first two weeks if no one When this gay teammate exist.

The only problem is the captain of a small victory after the sentence: '? you who have heard of Ricky Martin (1998 World Cup theme song sing singer, announced in March that he is gay) things,' the next person deliberate digression, custom college football jerseys said: 'We have to play it in the afternoon.' It makes Thomas very unhappy, quietly walked away. After three days of clubbing together the team captain has to comfort Thomas, Thomas somewhat excitedly shouted:. 'I know you is good for me, but I want you to say it did better.'

But fans still want to 'say.' Thomas to the new owner of the second game, the other fans suffered verbal assault. 'I can not, because the fact is that.' Thomas said with a smile, 'after the league punished the home, we went to lay a road, the court heard someone call me security drive them customized football jerseys played, because they do not want to face the music the next one is gay players could be happy, because I cleared the way for him, opened the door. '


broke up, his ex-wife is still proud of himself

Thomas did not buy the house to the new team, but has been living in the hotel. 'To be honest, I do not take care of themselves, there is food and shelter, as well as the waitress can chat.' Thomas said. He also often buy flowers and chocolates to the waitress, 'It was just a friend.' But this hotel often hosts weddings, hanging on the stairs a lot of wedding photo, or stimulate him, so he always remembered his ex-wife.

comes to disguise himself and his girlfriend to marry homosexual orientation, Thomas said he was 'For this reason I went through all the emotional torment, tears, anger and despair.' 'I was really in love and Gemma, an important reason is because we only had together. Yesterday I cried for her.' Thomas said. But once loved him and always loved his people, gave him more love to make full blessing.

2006, Thomas told Gemma he is gay afterwards, the two separated, Gemma went to Spain, but Thomas said Gemma do not hate myself, 'she said, she is more proud of me ten times more than before. Gemma's father called me, he said, to see my news, just make a phone call to wish me everything --- Is not this amazing? '

his biggest fans, of course, is his mom and dad. 'I have the courage to tell my parents in front of the word gay, publicly announced that day, I called home and said, 'or else you look under the newspapers say?' My dad said okay, go home. Home was late They look tired, but I have to for my mom to open a bottle of champagne, she said it was to celebrate my new life began. ' authentic college football jerseys

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