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Design Team

TheĀ  Design Team has the experience and skills needed to address the design challenges of our customers. Our collective experience includes both formal training and decades of applied experience in the design of hydraulic cylinder applications.

We utilize design tools such as 3-D modeling CAD to decrease the design to production time, minimize design errors, and have the ability to share the end drawing with our customers for their internal technical needs. The design team also works closely with our manufacturing teams. Despite their seemingly distant locations, our international manufacturing facilities also help us to offer rapid product delivery times


Sea Hydro employs State-of-the-art technology for manufacturing across its facilities in India. We strive towards improvement, constantly benchmarking against global standards in manufacturing. Our Best-in-class machinery is geared up to produce Cylinders for a vast range of applications.

Innovative sourcing methods and a robust vendor base compliment our manufacturing efforts to deliver on-time to customers. Highly trained and skilled manpower compliment the high productivity machines to scale up production to meet the growing global demand.