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Capabilities & Beyond
We design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders and components with a wide range of bore and stroke sizes as a part of our standard option to which we can incorporate valves, springs and myriad mounting options along with custom coating and packaging.

We have the capability to manufacture single and double acting hydraulic cylinders with pressure levels ranging from 1500 Psi to 5000 Psi and a maximum stroke length of 20’ with bore sizes between 1.5” to 10”. We also offer metric variants compliant with ISO 9001:2008 with pressure levels at 3000 Psi/210 Bar and bore sizes ranging between 40mm to 500mm with stroke length upto 6000mm.

Along with our exhaustive standard build options, we offer the flexibility to manufacture cylinders specifically to your needs. We have a dedicated team to provide special custom design based on specific requirements.

A choice of special connections such as SAE, custom materials, covered spherical bearings, built in valves or adjustable end cushioning or more is available.

Our custom cylinders are extremely sturdy, brilliantly designed and resilient with unmatched threshold capabilities.